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Ohio Locomotive Cranes 100 Year Anniversary.  1909 - 2009.
        Ohio Crane Trivia

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The global leader in material handling on rail for:
  • All Railroads

  • Steel Plants

  • Dock Loading

  • Scrap Recycling Industries

  • Material Handling Yards

  • Railroad Contractors

  • Concrete Pipe Companies


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American & Ohio Locomotive Crane Co. (AOLCrane™) is the worldwide O.E.M. for "NEW", "Used", and "Remanufactured" locomotive cranes and Genuine O.E.M. locomotive crane parts.

AOLCrane™ supplies complete in-house remanufacturing, in-house upgrades, on-site repairs, crane inspections, unit exchange assemblies, boom repairs, on-site training, and unit exchange traction generators and motors.

Only AOLCrane™ can supply Genuine O.E.M. parts. Image

New Ohio DE-650 with a new Pile Driver.
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American & Ohio, names you can trust.  --  AOLCrane™, a name you can count on.

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